Biography - Technical Experiences

From a technical perspective of my career I would consider myself a jack of all trades.

This are a few examples of the range of experiences I've had. (if you go under some of the other tabs you can see video examples of some of this work.)

Reel Asian Film Festival 2010;

The festival itself was only a week but my job was a month long affair.  Over the course of the month I was a jack of all trades. I started as a segment producer/editor doing a series of promo for the festivals marquee event “So You Think You Can Pitch” which played on their screens before the films during the festival week. On top of that I was basically one man crew (ENG) while I archived their Industry Sessions.  I found this a rewarding experience because I dealt with dozen of problems I was able to overcome on the fly and it pushed my technical skills.

Centennial Sports TV:

I worked for the for the sports journalism program’s web show in studio. I ran the audio for the show. Simply setting up the microphones and running the board. It was a good experience because I got to work a CBC Sports Producer Karen Sebesta.

The Journal:

In my mind this is one Centennial’s marquee classes. The amount of skills and experience I gain in that course out weighs all others. I feel I became proficient at many of the studio control jobs. I did work on switcher, audio, lighting, set building and design, host and writer.  I got stories about each position and some of the problems I had to deal with and overcome. My favourite ones are resizing a clip on the fly by making it a DVE box and making it the correct size. Second is when I created my own segment of each web show with the twitter/interactive pieces. It was basically a shout out segment using a popular social media to give the show a audience friendly feeling.