Gerard Yee as Talent

I started my love for entertainment as a performer, an actor to be precise when I was in high school at  R.H. King Academy in Scarborough, Ontario.
Naturally I gained sense of stage presence so whenever the opportunity to be an on air talent in show or video came up I felt inclined to do it.

Highlights of my On Air College career are, The Journal and Cycle the Show.

The Journal is a Live to the Web news-magazine show produced by fourth semester Broadcasting and Film students. My season with the show was Winter 2010.
I made several On - Air appearances, my first was a co-host for episode 6 that season, where I brought a new element to the show....Live twitter updates and shout outs. That new addition got me back on the show for the final two episodes of the semester.

Cycle the Show - is a web-show we designed in Fall 2010 as part of an bigger assignment. the show itself is about giving cyclist facts about trails, products and nutrition. As of this moment, this show will be getting some funds to make a full season for Summer 2011.  stay update by following @cycletheshow on twitter.

Highlights From the Journal Winter 2010 (coming soon)

Cycle the Show - Pilot episode (coming soon)